Housing Filters

Mawongpa housing filter

According to the requirement we have first designed mawongpa housing filter appropriately to the water problems faced in the country and today we also produce stainless steel 304/316 micron filtration system to withstand large water supply with filthy sediments till 1 micron.

Mawongpa housing filter comes with Bag filter, cartridge filter, activated carbon chamber and followed by the UV to ensure desired water quality is as per the “water quality and standard of Bhutan 2016”.

more than 200 schools in Bhutan have been using mawongpa housing filter and with time, Mawongpa water solutions private limited have taken initiative to provide rental program in schools where students just have to pay Nu.25-Nu.40 monthly so that everything is taken care from capital investment on safe water facilities to the operation, maintenance, water testing, changing of spares, etc… The rental program is expected to

  1. Increase access to safe water for the students.
  2. Provide sustainable and uniform water quality to all the students and teachers.
  3. Reduce environmental pollution from pet bottles.
  4. Bring sustainability approach once Bhutan graduates from Least developed country in 2023
  5. Meet various SDG goals in 2030
  6. Reduce investment burden from the RGoB
  7. Create win-win situation.

likewise mawongpa housing filters are also used by thousands of residents, offices, hotels and industries. such affordable and sustainable rental programs are being introduced to ensure everyone gets uniform and standard water for washing and drinking irrespective of income level, power and qualification.