Monthly rental scheme

28-Sep-21, sonam Dorji

Mawongpa Water Solutions Private Limited intends to support safe water for drinking, washing and cooking in every resident around the nation.

With just Nu.400 as a rental charge per apartment, you and your family will no longer have to worry about boiling or buying bottled water. Now you can use safe water not just for drinking but also for washing dishes, washing fruits & vegetables, offerings, feeding pets and more.

Mawongpa Water Solutions Private Limited will take care of the initial installation of the filters and disinfection system including plumbing, electrical and civil works.

Spares, periodical maintenance and repairing will also be provided along with the contract. And, we carry out monthly water tests to validate the water quality.

The entire building will also benefit with 50% off on periodical tank cleaning services and two times free plumbing service annually.

Bookings in Thimphu will be available from 01/10/2021

Call us at our toll free 2123 or 77115539

Monthly rental scheme